10-Minute Impact for a Summer Party

Hosting summer parties can be very rewarding, but decorating can be more of an afterthought when there are so many other details to keep in mind.

Creating the right atmosphere for a great summer party doesn’t actually have to be especially time-consuming if you think outside the box. In ten minutes, you can easily kick your party up a notch. Whether or not you actually spend any time outside during your event, a well-executed outdoor living space elevates the atmosphere.

Container plants:

A few blooming containers really elevate the mood.  Hanging baskets add vertical dimension to the setup and add a touch of sophistication. If your summer party has a theme, choose blooms in coordinating colors.


Added greenery creates a lush atmosphere. For a sunny area, ‘Kimberley Queen’ ferns, Elephant Ears, and Ornamental Grasses in containers or the landscape work well. If your area is shaded, you’re in luck! A simple trick is to use houseplants to add this effect, and you can move your greenery around to cover problematic spots.


Plant a small centerpiece with low growing, flowering plants, succulents, ferns, or miniature plants. Use a fun container. Either drill a drainage hole or leave the plant in the pot, place it in the container, and add a little decorative moss around the mouth of the container for a finished look.

Cut flowers from your garden to place in a vase as your centerpiece. Cut Lavender blooms are wonderfully fragrant and calming, perfect for a laid back get together.

Float blooms from your garden in a vase or shallow container.


Use fresh herbs when cooking, in beverages, or in olive oil to dip bread. Rosemary for instance is a versatile summer staple, delicious when paired with chicken, pork, potatoes, and vegetables. Most mint varieties are a refreshing addition to iced tea and lemonade.

Finishing Touches:

Deadhead spent blooms, pull unsightly weeds, touch up your mulch, and add some string lights for ambiance.
With a little attention to detail your outdoor party will be summer inspired in just a few minutes.