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It’s not you.  You’re spring/summer annuals have worked hard to be their best for almost a full growing season, so it’s normal that they start to look a little haggard come fall.  Fall is a new season, a new beginning.  It’s time to freshen those pots!

Why should you re-plant your containers for fall?  Because it will make you happy.  If you’re a container gardener, you know all to well how good you feel when your planters are full and thriving, and you still have 3 to 4 months to enjoy them before you’re ready for winter greens.

First note your assets.  Do you have a component that still looks healthy?  Maybe a large annual you bought later in the season that has some mileage left.  You don’t necessarily need to start from scratch.  You may have salvageable plants that you can utilize in a new arrangement.

What do you want your container to do for you?  Are you having a Labor Day gathering and you need instant gratification?  Do you want a fresh look that will last through frost?  How about a Halloween themed planter?

When you close your eyes and picture fall, you likely see Chrysanthe(mums).  Beautiful mounds of color and long blooming, mums are a great choice for most containers.  Unfortunately once blooms fade they then they begin to lose their appeal (although they do have a long, 4-6 week, bloom time).  You can always pull the plant from the pot and plant in the ground.  Mum’s are semi-perennial.  They’re likely to return the next year, but not guaranteed.  The type of winter we have determines a mum’s life span, as well as location.  They can be finicky.

There are many other choices for fall planters.  Pansy’s are wonderful when it comes to longevity.  A dainty but tough little plant.  It takes a lot of cold weather to knock it down.

Ornamental grasses are perfect for fall containers.  Though many annual varieties provide height and long term interest, perennial grasses do the same…and you can plant them in the landscape so they’ll return next year!

Cabbage and Kale are fall planter/landscape superstars.  Easy to grow, colorful, and very cold tolerant.  A fall must-have.

If you want a long lasting performer, give Marigolds a try.  They’ll fill in nicely and bloom until heavy frost.  Who’d have thought…marigolds in fall!  Their warm hues are perfect for fall planters.

Think outside the box.  Add pumpkins and gourds to fill space and add the ultimate seasonal touch.

Stop in and see some of our containers to get more ideas, or let us help you choose the best fillers for your unique porch pot.  Click here to view our fall Pinterest page for more PIN-speration!