How do I change the color of my hydrangeas?

To change hydrangea blossoms from blue to pink, you need to increase the pH (acidity) level of the soil that it's planted in. This can be done by applying lime to the soil. Additionally, to change the blossoms from pink to blue, you should add pelletized sulfur to the soil.

When should mulching be done?

You should only place mulch in your garden once a year, but it can be done in any season. The most popular time to add mulch is the Spring because that's when most gardeners are cleaning up and adding/removing plants.

How often should plants be watered?

There are several factors to take into consideration when planning a watering schedule for your plants; like how long the plant has been growing where it's planted, and how much rainfall and or sun it gets daily. You should always check the soil for moisture before watering a plant. If there's moisture, the plant probably doesn't need watered; if the soil is dry, it needs water. If it takes 3 days for the moisture to dissipate, then you can know that the plant probably needs to be watered every 3 days, but should still be checked each time.

When should shaded trees be pruned?

We recommend pruning them in late February or early March. This is also an optimal time for fertilization, as well.

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