Fall To-Do List

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Clean & weed beds
Fertilize annuals, perennials, trees & shrubs
Cease fertilizing of roses
Continue to deadhead annuals, perennials & roses to encourage their final blooms
Divide & replant crowded perennials
Remove faded or dead summer annuals
Plant fall annuals such as pansy, cabbage or kale
Plant mums early so they have time to root in before winter & improve their survival chances to spring
Plant new perennials or shrubs so they have time to establish before cold weather dormancy
Maintain watering schedule during dry times to ensure a minimum of 1” of water weekly
Apply fall lawn fertilizer & re-seed thin areas – keep seed well watered until new growth is established
Apply deer preventers before they mark their territory


Clean & weed beds, re-edge as necessary
Remove spent foliage from perennials Remove faded summer annuals
Re-mulch beds with the addition of fresh mulch
Plant spring blooming bulbs once temperatures are consistently cool – towards month end
Maintain watering schedule during dry times to ensure a minimum of 1” of water weekly
Cease installing plants with root balls less than 1 gallon size


Clean & weed beds
Touch-up mulch as needed
Remove frost-killed summer annuals
Rake leaves & debris out of gardens & beds
Rake up rose cleaves & clean around base of plants
Do not mound soil or add rose collars until temperatures are consistently below freezing
Apply winter lawn fertilizer
Plant evergreens & large shade trees
Continue to water at 1” per week to the end of the month depending on rainfall
At the end of the month remove garden hoses, drain & put into storage. Turn off water to the spigot in advance of winter freezes
Irrigation lines should be blown out & system turned off for winter
Spray an anti-desiccant such as Wilt-Pruf on both broadleaf & needle evergreens to reduce moisture loss due to winter winds



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