Spring To-Do List

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Begin to prepare beds, adding organic amendments such as compost or peat moss
Plant cold-tolerant flowers such as pansies
Remove winter protection from roses after leaf buds open
Apply a balanced organic fertilizer
Apply pre-emergent herbicide to reduce spring germinating weeds
After flowering is finished, prune back by 1/3rd any early spring blooming shrubs


Clean beds of weeds or debris & cut back any old perennials stalks
Re-edge planting beds to refresh appearance
Hard rake existing mulch to fluff & loosen before adding new mulch. Mulch should be kept at a depth no less than 1” and no more than 3”
Fertilize lawns with a high nitrogen fertilizer & establish a watering schedule to ensure the lawn received about 1” per week, depending on rain received. Then you’ll be ready for dry spells!


Trim any limbs from trees & shrubs that have broken or died back
Apply weed preventer & fertilizer to garden beds – follow label instructions for correct timing & application rates
Touch-up mulch as needed – keeping it away from tree & shrub trunks
Wake up roses when sprouts have appeared by pulling mulch or covers away – then cut back canes as needed Prepare future planting areas by incorporating compost into the soil to a minimum depth of 6”


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