First off, thank you for your honesty.

Oh my, it’s a little embarrassing. Kind of like when someone tells you that you have a stain on your shirt. On one hand you’re a bit embarrassed but, on the other hand, you’re relieved that someone told you about it.

On behalf of the Delhi family, we are deeply sorry that your recent experience was not up to your standards (or ours for that matter).  When we started Delhi Garden Centers, it was never our goal to be just “okay”; We aimed for complete satisfaction and still do.

Your feedback on this matter can help us make the necessary improvements so your next visit can be just what we intend and you should expect – complete satisfaction.  Please allow us the opportunity to make it up to you by leaving your contact information below so that we can contact you.

We realize that no business can be perfect, but no business gets any better doing the same thing time and time again. Let us know what changes we can make.

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We can be reached during our store hours at: 513-759-4700

Let us make it up to you.

We respect your privacy and will NEVER spam, rent, sell or give away any of your personal information (name, email address, phone number, etc.) to any 3rd party.